About Me

Very often I hear people say that there is no point in trying to live a "greener" life and try to save money simultaneously. I am here to dispel that myth. While I like to think of myself as a frugalista, my husband and I are also very passionate about living a more sustainable life. That includes but is not limited to: recycling, composting, eating organic, gardening & more.

My husband is currently working towards his PhD and I work in a university setting, so we can usually be found trying to figure out where to eat for dinner using a discount, or playing at the park because it's free!

Not only do we try to save the "green", but we are also in the business of living "green". Join me as we learn how a little green can go a long way.....and yes, we do actually live in a little green house! (Edited: While my husband works on his PhD, we rent out little green house...but I miss living in it!)
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