Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Nuby Review: Super Spout Grip-N-Sip

In addition to the stainless steel options Nuby sent me to try, I also was given a plastic/silicone combo sippy, the Nuby Super Spout Grip-N-Sip. To be honest, this was not my first go-round with this cup. It was the first one I think I ever bought when Sam was says it can be used from 4 months+, but even at 10 months Sam couldn't figure that thing out. I don't blame's tricky to bite at just the right spot! As far as holding the cup though...the double handle made it very easy for even young babies to hold, so it was neat (albeit frustrating at times!) to watch Sam (and then Charlie) learn to use the cup.

I'll tell you what though--Sam wore that cup OUT. I didn't even realize how much he had until I received the new cup--and then realized I probably should've recycled the old one long ago! It truly is no spill, which makes it a bit trickier to get fluid out, but comes in handy when toddlers who like to throw things around (ahem....Sam and Charlie...) get a hold of it!

I'm not as wild about the plastic cup, but it is good for long car trips, and the mouth is mostly touching the silicone spout, so I've conceded that this cup is pretty decent at needed times. It comes in multiple colors--we have the more boy/neutral version of colors in our house, although I'm not sure my boys would really care one way or the other! I know I took a picture of Charlie using his cup...but in a mass deletion recently, I think I cleared out a few extra photos....oops!

The cups are fairly easy to clean, but the silicone insert does need to be taken out before each washing! It can be found at a multitude of places, but my go to is usually TJ Maxx or Amazon!
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