Friday, July 15, 2016

Dinner Menu: Week of 7.10

I remember when I lived by myself, and my now husband I were dating, but only got to have meals (together) on the weekend for the most part. Most nights, I'd just eat a bowl of cereal for dinner because it was way too much work to make a meal that only I was going to eat. Every now and then I was inspired to cook, but I'm almost positive I survived on single frozen meals and cereal. I honestly don't remember very well....but, I do remember thinking, it'll be great when I have a family and I cook dinner every night--it'll be a varied and healthy menu!

Fast forward 7 years....and most nights I'm thinking, can't I just feed everyone cereal tonight? Coming up with an actual meal that everybody will eat is becoming harder everyday! But still gets done. Even if it is last minute....

Sunday: Leftover pasta w/ marinara sauce
Monday: Poppyseed chicken w/ brown rice
Tuesday: Leftover chicken
Wednesday: Skillet cooked bratwursts, baked potatoes & broccoli
Thursday: Blueberry pancakes & scrambled eggs
Friday: Local Jamaican restaurant where I have a Groupon!
Saturday: White bean soup
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