Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Favorite Money-Making Apps: Updated for 2016

I have posted about money-making apps before, but it seemed like it was time for an update! Apps are constantly changing, so here's a roundup for you. (Some of these are my referral links, just as an FYI!)
Do you love shopping at Target? I do, but I really try not to step in there very often! Cartwheel is not a new app, but I go through cycles of using it, depending on what offers they have added. It's not so much money-making, as it is money-saving....but I thought it was important to include it! I really like the 40% off clearance clothing. :) Just have the cashier scan your phone at checkout and watch the savings add up! This can also be used with Target mobile coupons or printable store or manufacturer coupons.

Ibotta is the original rebate app, and still continues to redefine itself and keep current with the ever-changing app market. Now you can browse the app by retailer and unlock offers by completing super simple tasks. I don't like that it is retailer specific at times because I shop at Aldi alot, and it isn't an option, so I miss out on a lot of offers because I bought bananas at Aldi vs. Kroger. You will need to scan your item and receipt to get credit. It offers many generics items now though vs. name brand, which I find to be the most useful.
Receipt Hog
Instead of dealing with products, this app simply lets you upload your receipts. It does not take gas but otherwise, will take multiples of the same place within a given time period. The longer you hold your coins, the "cheaper" it is when you cash out. It does take a while...but requires very little work!
Shrink works in the same way as Ibotta. But, they only have a few products on there at a time, and if one offer gets sold out, it becomes unavailable. They also offer some healthier options, which is a nice change! If you are so inclined, use my referral code EBRCKA and you will instantly receive $1 credit in your account. Once you hit $20, you can request a Paypal payout.

This one is not new, and most couponers have heard about it by now. Checkout51 pays you cash when you purchase select items at ANY store or even online. You can download the app, or if you don’t have a smartphone, you can use Checkout51 on your computer! Offers go live on Thursdays. Sign up now and receive $5 after submitting your first receipt! (This offer will last until June 15th, receipt uploaded by July 20th)

Savingstar has recently changed; it formerly relied on a store loyalty card, but now only requires you to upload a receipt, after selecting the offers you'd like to redeem. Each week they have a featured product, that is usually produce, where you receive a percentage of your purchase.
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