Friday, June 24, 2016

Dinner Menu: Week of 6.19

I am always scouring Pinterest for new dinner ideas, and this Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza looked to be right up our only. Breakfast is a big hit in our family, so I couldn't imagine why the entire family wouldn't love it. Well...turns out if you overcook the bacon, boys are not guaranteed to eat it.

The first night was fine...the second night, everybody had kind of lost interest. Oh'd be great to feed a group! We didn't have sausage but used bacon throughout and didn't quite double the recipe, but adapted it for a 12 in skillet. (We use cast iron most every night when we cook, and my husband immediately cleans and oils them--which means they don't have to go in the dishwasher!) The rest of our week looked like:

Sunday-Hawaiian Pizza @ the pool
Monday-Leftover spaghetti 
Tuesday-Breakfast Pizza
Wednesday-Leftover breakfast pizza 
Thursday-Black bean quesadillas
Friday-Dinner in Atlanta with family
Saturday-Dinner on our CRUISE!!! (yes, a Disney cruise---hopefully this will provide for alot of future blog posts!)
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