Thursday, May 26, 2016

4 years & 17 months

You may remember that I did a post this time last year comparing the boys. In some ways alot has other ways, not so much!

                                             Sam at 4:

  • He asks WHY about everything! (Still...)
  • He actually likes veggies! Mom win. :) Faves include broccoli, green beans and celery.
  • He has developed this maniacal laugh that is funny....but also a bit scary!
  • He sleeps with his "puppy dog", and no other stuffed animal will do.

  • Every morning he asks if he can wear his Crocs. 
  • He is finally tall enough that he doesn't need a stool to get on the potty. Because, "4 years olds don't need stools, mama."
  • Will be starting Pre-K in the fall!
  • He is (still) such a mama's boy through and through!
Charlie at 17 months:
  • Charlie walked at 12 months and tries to run...but doesn't always succeed!
  • He has 4 very prominent teeth and 2 that have just barely popped through. Slow teether!
  • He has never been a consistent night sleeper...and still isn't! Maybe one day...
  • He finally takes a 1.5-2 hour nap!

  • Strangers think the boys must be twins...and can't believe they're 2.5 years apart.
  • Is still very little for his age, wearing 12 month shorts, but at least he's in 18 month shirts!
  • Babbles about everything. Tries to copy our sounds. Says "ba" for ball and "daddit" for blanket. He very clearly knows exactly what he wants!
  • Is big on fruit, but not so much on veggies and meat.
  • Waves goodbye and blows kisses to everybody he comes across. 
  • Through no fault of his also a HUGE mama's boy!

The boys have finally begun to play with each other, but as soon as I step away from them, I immediately hear crying and/or shouting. So, the bickering has begun too...some days thy love each other, other days....well, maybe not so much!
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