Thursday, February 4, 2016

Review: Cutieland Reusable Food Pouch

So I don't want this to turn into a review blog, but as fate would have it, I actually got a handful of products at the beginning of the year that I was asked to review! I'll never turn down a free product that is new in the marketplace to try, so you may see a few more reviews than I usually do, but I'll try to make sure I sprinkle some other stuff in between!

And now, on to business. I received these snack pouches, and to say my 3 year old was excited about them was an understatement. He wanted to use them immediately! I convinced him that they needed to be washed first, which he finally conceded to, but as soon as they were clean, he was looking for something to put in them.

We decided to try applesauce first, as it was easiest to find. I opened the zipper in the bottom of the pouch, and began pouring.....except, I totally forgot there was no cap on yet! So needless to say, we ended up with some applesauce on the counter. I learned my lesson (I think) and put the cap on and went back to the transfer. Waiting (not so patiently), I finally had it ready for Sam. The zipper was a challenge to close all the way, but I guess that's a good thing. Nobody wants a pureed mess all over the floors! It is a bit annoying to have loose caps, but I think it also enables me to clean the pouches and caps better as well. So, you take the bad with the good, sometimes.
Before I could barely snap a picture or two, Sam had sucked down that applesauce faster than you can say, "Cutieland Reusable Pouch"! And then, he was of course asking what else we could put in them. Thinking fast, I was giving orders to my husband to start taking out frozen fruit; we had smoothies to make!

He made a delicious peach, banana and mango smoothie with yogurt. It took 4 (adult) hands and two (adult) people to pour the smoothie into the pouches, but they worked like a charm. We even made one for the 1 year old, and with the help of mama pushing it to the top, the smoothie was gone in about 60 seconds. Not. Even. Kidding. 

I think these would be great on a picnic, where I don't want to deal with keeping utensils on hand. They exceeded my expectations in terms of durability, and are even dishwasher safe! That makes my life much easier. :) As ya'll know, I prefer silicone over plastic, but since I will not be putting anything hot into these, I will accept that plastic is ok in some situations. As an added bonus, after ordering the pouches, I received the email below.  How awesome is that? The pouches run about $10.99 for a 4-pack on Amazon, which comes out to about $2.75 per pouch. I consider that a decent price for a reusable product!

We would like to inform you that your Amazon order of Cutielunch Reusable Food Pouches  002-8824238-2905807 has shipped.  We are a mother and daughter collaboration, and it means so much to us that you bought our product.  We sincerely hope that you enjoy your Cutielunch Reusable Food Pouches.
Thank you very much for your order.
Best Regards,
Cutie Momma
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