Monday, February 1, 2016

CVS: Free Shipping + 20% OFF

I don't think I've ever ordered from CVS before, since I have one right outside of my neighborhood, but I had to step in a few weeks ago to get some infant Tyleonol, and between a fussy baby and 3 year old who wants to know "why" about everything, and a tired momma, it was not an ideal trip by any means. We are in the throes of teething right now, so I've made sure to keep my stash of Tylenol within reach.
I got an email this morning that CVS is running free 2-day shipping + 20% off right now! That is extremely rare for CVS, so my first thought was immediately to re-stock my infant Tylenol! So, I put a few of those into my cart, along with a few other items. If I'm going to get 20% off, I might as well take advantage!

Use code SAVE20 at checkout--very easy! There is no minimum and tax is calculated based on your location.
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