Friday, June 26, 2015

Cleaning the Car

So, when you go to pick up your toddler everyday and he steps into the car and makes the comment, "Mama car dirty," you realize it really is time to do some cleaning that's been put off for months. He is tempted to grab the random cheerios that have made it under the driver's seat and there are stains on the mats. How does that even happen? Nobody else sits back there, except a baby who can't move in his carseat facing backwards and the 3 yr old doesn't eat much in the car because it makes him sick.

It's a mystery that baffles me, but I was determined to get the car just a little bit cleaner. Now Sam quizzically looks down at the mat wondering where are the crumbs disappeared to! So, my solution was to head to Pinterest, which of course took me on an internet adventure. There's got to be some good cleaning tips on there, right? Right!

After a little bit of research, I decided to take the following route:

1) Treat very dark spots on car mats with a solution of Dawn dish soap/hydrogen peroxide solution
2) Throw into the washing machine
3) Lay outside to dry

That's it! The mats didn't come 100% clean, but they looked so much better! I think I took before and after pictures...but then I changed phones and now the pictures are long gone! Oops...sorry no visual.

But I will leave you with a recent picture of the little adventurer who tends to be the culprit of car messes!
I will say, I washed the mats on the gentle setting and they did seem to come apart a bit, at the seams. That probably speaks to the quality of the mats, but it didn't bother me too much. I have also heard great things about using a Borax/Fels Naptha mix as well. That will be my next go-round with these mats!

Do you have any magic solutions for cleaning cars? Please share!
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