Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Storybook Baby Shower

I know, it's been a while! I am back to work and staying busy at home. Hoping to find some blogging time again, soon!

So my sister in law and brother are due to have a baby in about 4 weeks. In preparation for baby (who will also be a boy...lots of boys in our family!), we held a shower this past weekend. Unfortunately I was a bit under the weather but my mom and sister picked up alot of my slack, and the shower ended up being very cute! Now I will say, we didn't come up with any of this on our own....we pulled straight from Pinterest! My sister is much craftier than I am, so that helps!

While we worked that morning, my sweet baby did very well sitting on the couch and watching the movement around him. How has he gotten so big?!?
My sister made these cute little signs and we also bought the books to go with the food, so that they could take them home after the shower. My sister also made these awesome cookies (or so I heard...I was too sick to eat any!)
I loved the colorfulness of the fruit...so we took advantage and made a hungry caterpillar!
As a parting gift we made these little gift bags. I found them 70% off at Target the other day! We put Swedish fish into them and printed the little poem for the front. I thought they turned out really well!
We were trying to be as frugal as possible as fun shower decorations  and food can get expensive fast! I think we did pretty well encompassing cute, frugal, colorful and educational--all in one!

 How cute are these fillo-filled chicken salad appetizers? They're the perfect bite size!

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