Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Publix 12.8.14: 67% Savings

We had a busy weekend of traveling to see family, so I didn't get grocery shopping done until after work last night. 5pm on a Monday night with a 2 year old, a cashier that inspects every coupon, and coupons that won't scan--makes for a long trip! Of course the coupon that wouldn't scan was mailed to me by a company for a free product....but the cashier wasn't buying it. How do you even explain that??? Finally the bagboy told her it was legit and just put it in; I was very thankful to him! She then forgot to scan the rest of the coupons because she got so flustered...I had to gently remind her she was right in the middle of my stack, and could she please finish. That didn't make her all too happy either.....oops.

Anyway, we got what we needed, and finally got out of there. Sam has become a cheeseball when we pull out the phone to take a picture...so when I told him I needed to take a picture of my items, he jumped in front of me with a big green and only slightly yelled "CHEEEEESE!"
Total Retail: $44.32
Total OOP: $15.05
Total Rebates: .25
Savings: 67%

(2) Quilted Northern 6-Pack Toilet Paper @ 2/$4.99 (BOGO)
   -(2) .45/1, doubled, found HERE
Final Price: $3.19 or $1.60 each

(2) All Small & Mighty Detergent @ 2/ $5.99 (BOGO)
    -(2) $1/1 found HERE
    -$1/2 found in Publix All the Trimmins booklet
Final Price: $2.99 or $1.50 each

Dole Frozen Blueberries @ $2.35 (BOGO)
    -$1/1 found HERE
Final Price: $1.35

Alexia Potato Puffs @ $3.79
     -$4/1 Alexia product mailed by company
Final Price: FREE + .21 overage!

Oreos @ $3
    -.50/1, doubled, found HERE
Final Price: $2

(2) Duncan Hines Decadent Cake Mix @ 2/$3.29 (BOGO)
    -(2) .75/1, found HERE
Final Price: $1.79 or .90

4 Grain Omega 3 Eggs @ $2.79
   .25 deposit into Jingit account
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