Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Lesson in Bathtub Cleaning

A few weeks ago our bathtub quit seemed odd as it usually takes time to build up to a clogged drain, but it seemed almost overnight. Maybe I wasn't paying attention until then...oops. So, we realize we need to clean out the drain. We start by hand...but couldn't get much out. So then I take to Pinterest to find a friendly solution, and come upon baking soda and hot water. Unfortunately, that did not cut it. So off to Home Depot we go...

My husband bought an environmentally friendly solution called Drain Out.
While there, he talked with an associate who swore by a different product but was much less environmentally friendly, Zep 10-Minute Hair Clog Remover.
So, James bought both.

He came home and tried the "nice" one first. No change. So then he went for the other product--and still no change. At this point, nothing was looking good. Almost simultaneously, we had a pipe under the bathroom sink bust since it was so old and corroded. Guess that's what happens in a 60 year old house! In the end, we ended up calling a plumber who was able to snake out the grossness from the drain rather easily (of course!).

But, what I really wanted to speak to was our experience with the products bought and used. When neither worked, I wrote both companies to let them know their guarantee didn't work and we'd like a refund. The company which owns Drain Out (Summit Brands) emailed me back within a few hours, and sent us a refund check within a week. I was in awe. The other brand was Zep. In 3 weeks...I have gotten no response. Needless to say I will be following up with them soon, and probably not buying anymore of their products any time soon either.

I harp on this all the time to my husband, but customer service is everything to me. Thanks to Summit Brands quick response, I will certainly buy their products next time I have an issue....or better yet, hopefully prevent the issue!

I am always intrigued to hear other people's stories like this--if you don't ask, you don't know what you might get in return!
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