Monday, October 6, 2014

Publix: Real Life!

Sometimes real life gets in the way of savings--and this was one of those times. I have had some type of virus (or so we think) this past week, and while I can eat, my body isn't digesting much, and thus not absorbing much. So I'm left feeling awfully weak and tired--which is not good when you still have to go work and take care of family. So, my husband made a trip to Publix for me to pick up some electrolytes--and spent $20! Ugh, that hurt when I saw the receipt--but that's why we save, for moments like that. At least we got cheap yogurt and a decent price on cereal!

So this is what our recent Publix trips looked like:

Total Retail: $30.14
Total OOP: $26.24
Total Rebates: $3.25
Savings: 22% (That's what the face above is for!)

(2) Pedialyte @ $5.49 each, so $10.98 total

Powerade 8-pack @ $5.85

Late July Organic Cheese Crackers @ $3.69

(3) Liberte Yogurts @ $1 each, so $3 total
    -(3) .40/1, doubled, found HERE
    -.25 deposit into Checkout 51 account
Final Price: .35 for all 3, or .11-.12 each
**These should've been a moneymaker--but I completely forgot to scan my uPromise card! Like I said, one of those weeks...

(2) Cascadain Farms Organic Cereal @ $3 (reg. $3.99 each), so $6 total
     -(2) .75/1 found HERE
     -Try Me Free Rebate found on box
Final Price: $1.50 after rebate

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