Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Money-Making Apps (New!)


Do ya'll use any of the money making apps that are available? I know I have done this post before, but the apps are constantly changing.

My favorites were Ibotta and Checkout51, but I have become aware of new ones that I wanted to share with ya'll. Now, if you are afraid of companies "spying" on you, then these probably aren't for you, but I'm not really worried--I know they are spying regardless! I might as well get some money if they're just giving it away, right?

I downloaded Jingit probably a year or two ago and really liked it at first--but then it completely changed and I hated it! I never took it off my phone, but it has since changed again, and is more similar to other cash-back apps now. You upload a receipt if you bought certain items and get money put into an account. I like that it uses everyday things I buy--butter, milk, cheese, cheese, toilet paper--and they don't have to be specific brand! You can then load your cash onto a-gift cards that Jingit will keep track of for you.

Snap is fairly new and offers huge cash-back rebates! The best part is--most can be redeemed multiple times.For example, there is a $3 cash back for purchasing qualifying Huggies diapers, $2 for purchasing qualifying Huggies wipes, etc. That makes for free wipes and some great diaper deals. They are very overloaded right now, so it took a week for my account to be credited for a few of the offers. But, it's hard to beat the high value amounts!

Shrink is also relatively new and works in the same way as Checkout51, Jingit, and Snap. But, they only have a few products on there at a time, and if one offer gets sold out, it becomes unavailable (as is the case with 1 dozen eggs currently). But, they offer realistic items like apples and OJ to take advanatge of, amongst a few name brand items. If you are so inclined, use my referral code EBRCKA and you will instantly receive $1 credit in your account. Once you hit $20, you can request a Paypal payout.

This one is not new, and most couponers have heard about it by now. Checkout51 pays you cash when you purchase select items at ANY store or even online. You can download the app, or if you don’t have a smartphone, you can use Checkout51 on your computer! Offers go live on Thursdays at 12AM in each time zone and they expire the following Wednesday at 11:59PM in each time zone. 

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