Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Football Homecoming Fun

This past Saturday was homecoming for UGA. It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day, after a chilly start to the morning. I was up early that morning to hit the half price at a consignment sale, and by the time I got back home, the boys were waking up and making breakfast. Not too long after, we got word that my brother in law and his friend were not too far out of town--so began the getting ready.

We knew James was the only one (of us 3) going to the game, which started at 4pm. But, my college always does a big tailgate, that we had heard was lots of fun. We got to campus around 11, and munched on some tailgating food while others showed up. In that time, the boys were working on their football throwing skills with Sam.
Around 12:30 we headed up the hill to hit the other side of campus, where I work. I was worried Sam would start to crash since he usually naps from about 12-2...but he was having a ball listening to music, watching all the people and eating-constantly! You can tell he and daddy were having fun cheesing it up. A photographer kept coming around to get Sam's picture and he would flat out refuse! Toddlers can be so picky about the smallest things.
I kept trying to get a picture with him...this was about as successful as it got!
I wish I had gotten some more pictures, but it was so crowded and once James left for the game, I was all alone trying to keep Sam close by. Like I said, he did great, but I decided once the game started, it was time for us to get home. As I predicted, he fell asleep the second his head hit his carseat. I carried him inside and let him sleep for an hour...but I didn't want him to sleep too long for fear he'd never go to sleep that night. He wasn't all too happy about being woken up, but we survived.

We really enjoyed the day, and I look forward to next year when we'll have an almost 3/12 year old AND a 10 month old--whew! By the way, we won the game against Vanderbilt. :)
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