Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Weekend with Grandparents

Last weekend was unusual--we had no plans at all. Which of course got me making to-do lists for cleaning the house, cooking, etc. But then about mid-way through last week, we got word that the family cat (we got him 15-16 years ago) had a tumor and was declining rapidly. Probably the best plan at this point was to put him down. While I agreed with the plan, it was still hard to think of losing a pet that's been around a long time.

In the end, we decided to see him before we let him go, and I'm glad we did. So, we braved traffic on Friday night during rush hour to get to my parent's house. He looked pretty rough, but it was good to say good-bye. Here is a picture of Sammy from Friday night.You can't tell how bad he looked by this picture but the cat we always referred to as very chunky had lost a good 1/3 of his body weight in just a few weeks and you could feel his bones as you pet him. I would never have thought that was possible...
On Saturday we ended up having a rather busy day of running errands (don't you know it was the REI Scratch-N-Dent Sale???) and enjoying the beautiful weather. While my husband and went an watched the football game elsewhere that afternoon, Sam and I stayed with my parents and had fun playing in the backyard.
He is quickly learning how to use a camera phone and was hamming it up as my dad took selfies.

My sister wanted in on the action too, so she also got a few shots.
Can you tell how much these two like each other? Tigger (right behind the boys) decided the picture taking was too much work and a nap was needed instead. She too is an old dog, but I hope she doesn't decide to go anywhere soon!

Unfortunately we had a rough night that night as Sam was up constantly screaming for "mama", because he could. Not for any particular reason. But because he is 2. So frustrating. So, nobody slept much. But, we did make it to church on Sunday and he even did well through lunch at a Malaysian restaurant. Instead of going down for a nap after lunch, he entertained my dad--or my dad entertained him....not sure which, for a good hour. We finally decided a car trip was going to be necessary to get him to sleep and lo and behold, he was gone before we drove out of the neighborhood, I think. We barely made it all home before the exhausten hit, and we all hit the sack early! No need for dinner, storytime, a grocery run....sleep was a priority! Even after the sleepless night, it was a fun weekend spent with my parents, as always.
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