Monday, September 22, 2014

Nuby Review: Printed Sports Sipper

Ya'll know I've been reviewing a few items that Nuby sent me to try recently. I am excited that with another baby on the way, I will have a chance to try some of their items that Sam is far too big for now!

But for now, Sam is still helping me review age-appropriate items, such as the sports sipper.
We have actually moved Sam to open glasses (yes, glass!) and he's pretty adept at handling them, if we don't fill them up. But, there are times he walks around the house sipping and/or we're traveling and need something a little more spill-proof.

This past weekend was a perfect example since we were on the road. 

Leak-proof: check
Cute: check
Hard to drink out of: check
I watched Sam go to town on the cup knowing he was thirsty. I expected him to down the milk, but when he actually put it down, I was very surprised to see how much milk was left. So, as any good mom would do, I tried the cup out as well. It was much harder to get liquid out than many of Sam's cups and frustrated me to a point--so I get why he got tired of trying to get milk out! I am also not a fan of the plastic cup, even though it is BPA free. I would prefer silicone, and would be willing to pay a little more for it as well. 

In terms of size, it is perfect for Sam's little hands right now, and isn't heavy to carry around. He has yet to notice there are characters on the cup, but I'm sure that will come with time. For those kids that do care, Nuby does a male and female version as they do with many of their products. Other details to note:

·         12 months +
·         10oz / 300ml
·         Perfect for children on the go
·         Sized just right for little hands to grip
·         Available in a variety of cute designs 
·         Easy to use soft, silicone straw 
·         Engineered to prevent spills and reduces leaks
·         BPA FREE
·         Available at these retailers:

There will be more Nuby reviews coming in the near future so check back when you can!
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