Thursday, September 4, 2014

End of Summer Fun

On Saturday, while the rest of Georgia headed to Athens for the first football game of the season, Sam and I made our way to Atlanta to meet up with my college roommates and their kids. Amber has a daughter than is 3 months older than Sam, and Julia has twins that are almost 7 months old. I completely forgot to take my camera, but we did get a few pictures from the phone right as we all parted.

While Sam and Clara are very close in age, they don't really talk as much as you might think. We went to the park after eating lunch, and they both just played on their own, happy as could be. It was so cute to hear their toddler talk when they needed to come tell us something. Obviously the twins didn't do much talking, as they were enjoying a warm day and napping in the stroller. If only life were that easy...I didn't get any pictures of the twins, but here are a few we got of the "older" kids. Sam wanted to be held as we were walking back to the car because he was hot and tired. And so was this pregnant mama. So, I convinced him to hold hands with Clara, and this is how we all walked back to the car. I know one of them is my son and I'm biased, but I love these pictures--so adorable!

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