Monday, August 4, 2014

Target Shopping: Fail!

So, I had gone to Target last week to kill some time and see what was on clearance since it'd been a while since the last time I was there...and what I found were a whole bunch of Happy Baby organic food pouches, both in 4-pack boxes and individuals! I thought, I know I have some coupons at home for those, and I'll be back Saturday to get diapers tax free, surely they won't all be gone by then....famous last words!
I went home, got really excited about my coupon match-ups which would have made for some very cheap fruit and veggie pouches, got everything organized...and of course there was absolutely nothing left by Saturday morning. I had also read about folks who were getting free post-its and tape, so I got my coupons ready to go for those as well....not a single one in site for the price I was going for (.99). I don't remember the exact prices on the Happy Baby 4-packs but my plan was similar to this:

Post-It Single Pack @ .99
    -$1/1 Target coupon found HERE
Final Price: FREE (truly because there would've been no tax!)

Scotch Tape Single Roll @ .99
     -$1/1 Target coupon found HERE
Final Price: FREE

(4) Happy Baby Individual Pouches on clearance @ .78 each, so $3.12 total
    -(2) Buy One, Get One Free (so $1.56 value) (no longer available)
    -$1/3 pouches found in Target home mailer
Final Price: .56 for all 4, or .14 each (such a great deal!)

Happy Baby 4-pack on clearance @ $2.99(ish?)
     -$1/4-pack Target coupon found HERE
Final Price: $1.99 or .50 each

Needless to say, I was a sad couponer that morning. But, in other, better diaper deal worked out perfectly, and we bought a few school supplies to donate, as well as a shirt for Sam, all that saved this mama about $4.50 in tax....every little bit helps!

How did you do over tax free weekend? Any deals to be had?

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