Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rare Groupon: One-Year BJ's Membership + Gift Card

Before we moved last fall, we lived about 2 minutes from a BJ's. Until they closed that location. :( I loved being that close, and really missed the chance to go after they closed. They accepted manufacturer's coupons on top of their own coupons, and it was never as crowded as Sam's or Costco. But alas, things change. But, for those of you that might have a BJ's near you...there is a Groupon available for a One-Year BJ’s Rewards Membership AND a $50 BJ’s Gift Card for ONLY $75 – a $150 value! You will need to search BJ's in the search feature to find the deal.
The $50 gift card can be used toward in-Club purchases and BJ’s Gas and is valid at all BJ’s locations. The one-year BJ’s Club Rewards Membership gives you 2% back on most in-Club and BJs.com purchases to spend at BJ’s plus Rewards Members receive a Member Savings Book every month with up to 100 coupons.  :
This Groupon is not valid until 48 hours after purchase and is valid for new members only. Be sure to redeem the Groupon at BJ’s by 11/1/14 to receive your 1-year Membership card; Groupon valid at all BJ’s locations.
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