Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gwinnett Braves Baseball

We had a busy fact, I kind of feel like I'm still recovering! It's also been a busy week at work, hence the lack of posting. While busy, the weekend was alot of fun and went by way too fast, as most weekends tend to do. We celebrated birthdays on both sides of the family, and got the opportunity to attend a Gwinnett Braves game. For those who don't know, the Gwinnett Braves are the minor league team, whereas the Atlanta Braves are the major leagues.

While the Atlanta Braves are fun to go see, it's alot of work with a toddler, and tickets can get expensive. But, the Gwinnett Braves are much closer in proximity to where we live, and tickets/parking are much cheaper--and there is still plenty of fun to be had, as evidenced by Sam's reaction to the game:
We were able to drive up to Coolray Field at 1:50 for a 2:05pm game, and were in the gate in less than 5 minutes, with a certain 2 year old taking his sweet time. One thing I really like is that I don't have to walk around the world to get to my's either right in front of you or just to the left or right. Not far to walk either way.

We weren't sure if the weather would hold--rain was in the forecast and clouds were in the sky. But, it made for very nice weather, unlike the very hot August Georgia weather I expected. Pouring sweat is not my idea of fun! Luckily, the clouds moved on through, but it still stayed relatively nice outside, especially since we were just under the overhang. With the threat of rain, the stadium was not very full,  which was unfortunate since the weather was perfect and the Braves won!
About halfway through the game, my sister decided it was time for an afternoon treat and took Sam to get some ice cream. He wasn't so sure about leaving mama at first...but I think he was happy with the end result!
It was hard to get very many pictures with Sam constantly crawling in and out of my lap, but I did get him to cheese for the camera...sort of!
Since Sam is two, he was able to get into the game for free, although that meant his seat was in my lap...which was fine since he probably wouldn't have been able to see much in his own seat anyway. In between innings they would have characters like Chopper come out and play silly games with each other. (Chopper is the mascot for the Gwinnett Braves). These were sometimes more entertaining for the kids than the actual game, I think!

One neat thing about Coolray that is not available at Turner Stadium (home of the Atlanta Braves) is the field in the outfield. Outfield grass seating is available with general admission tickets ranging from $5 for youth and seniors to $6 for adults. That's cheaper than a movie or going to Monkey Joes!
Anyway, before Sam fell asleep in the car on the way home and became a grump when we had to wake him up, we had alot of fun at the game. As I said, much easier than trying to make a major league game, and in many ways, more kid and family friendly for a decent price. 

FOr additional information, visit the Gwinnett Braves website!
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