Monday, August 18, 2014

ACTUAL Meal Planning!

It's a busy day, so I cannot type a long post, but I am pretty proud of myself for coming up with a dinner menu before the beginning of the week. That pretty much never happens. An idea here or there? Yes, but for the full week....I'm not gonna lie, it just doesn't happen. But it did this week. :)

Last night we had an Olive Garden imitation gnocchi recipe...while not perfect, it turned out well and made alot! I wish I'd done some of the prep work earlier, but I didn't have some of the ingredients until we made a later afternoon run to Trader Joe's. You live and learn, I say. Depending on the amounts of leftovers, we may push one meal out to the weekend, but we'll see. Can you tell I'm ready for fall with two soups on the menu this week??
Sunday-Chicken Gnochhi Soup
Monday-Turkey & Mushroom Stroganoff
Thursday-Cauliflower Soup
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