Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tax Free Diaper Deals @ Target: Weekend of 8/1/14

In doing some research, I happened to discover that diapers (both cloth and disposable) are included in the tax free weekend coming up in Georgia this weekend. Not sure if other states will be following suit, since I know Georgia skipped out on this for a few years. While I don't really need school supplies or clothes, I was in Target last night and noticed some 7th Generation diapers on clearance, as well as many toddler clothes. My church is also asking for school supplies to donate, so if I can get some for really cheap or free, I will certainly do so. I love school supply shopping. :) So, I think I'll make a trip back Saturday morning for a few things!

I ran some numbers on the diaper deals available right now, since Sam is not yet potty trained, and we have a new one coming in a few months. Not that we use alot of disposables...but they are our go-to at night, and good to have around in the case of travel, etc.

So, I thought I'd let ya'll see the math I just worked out to figure out the best deal available. Now, we've never had issue with any diapers really, but I tend to prefer Huggies or Up&Up for Sam. Although, I'm not picky-I use CVS, Pampers, Aldi, etc if I can get a better deal on those! But, Up&Up, Huggies & Pampers seemed to have the best deals for this weekend.

Up&Up Diapers Bulk Pack (120-180 depending on size) @ $28.99
    -5% Cartwheel offer
    -$10 gift card WYB two boxes

$28.99*2=$57.98 for 2 boxes
-$57.988.05=$2.90 (Cartwheel)
-$10 gift card received
=$45.08 or .13-.26 per diaper

Huggies Diapers Big Box @ (100-156) @ $34.99
    -$20 gift card WYB two boxes
    -$2 Target baby mailer
    -(2) $2 printable found HERE or in SS 7/13

$34.9982=$69.98 for 2 boxes
    -$20 gift card received
    -$6 in coupons
Final Price: $43.98 or .14-.21 per diaper

The Pampers deal is almost identical to Huggies, without the store coupon. I'm thinking I'll go with the Up&Up's as they are the best deal, and we've never had a leak (somebody please knock on some wood somewhere!) with them.

Happy shopping for computer & school supplies, as well as clothing!

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