Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Publix 7/6: 52% Savings

It's a little disappointing the amount of coupons I used on this trip--but that seems to be the way things are lately. We have really been focusing on stocking up on fresh fruit and got given some free veggies by my parents over the holiday weekend (you'll see them on the menu later this week!), so we don't need a whole lot. I have never tried the frozen Checker's fries before, but I love them at the restaurant, and try not to get them often--so at BOGO, I figured it couldn't hurt to try...right?

You'll notice the ham isn't in the "group" picture...this is because Sam was trying to eat it. He was being a big helper and taking everything out of the bags, but this one he wouldn't give up!

Total Retail: $48.66
Total OOP: $23.35
Savings: 52%

(2) Marie Calendar's @ 2/$5.79
    -no coupons

Arnold Whole Wheat Bread @ $1.75 (BOGO)
    -no coupon

Checkers Fries @ $1.60 (BOGO)
     -no coupon

Cumberland Gap Ham @ $1.75 (BOGO)
     -no coupon

Snicker's Candy Bar @ .99
     -FREE product coupon from instant win game
Final Price: FREE!

(2) Emerald Nuts @ 2/$5.49
    -(2) $1/1 Emerald Nuts found HERE
Final Price: $3.49

(3) Ears Corn @ 10/$3, so .90 total
     -no coupon

1.86 lbs Red Grapes @ $1.99/lb, so $3.70 total
      -no coupon

.64 lbs Red Cherries @ $1.99/lb, so $1.27 total
     -no coupon
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