Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Aldi 6/29: Produce Savings

Well, we got home from camping on Sunday--it wasn't quite the trip I was hoping it would be. After a bad reaction to a sting, I ended up at the local emergency clinic, where the NP was not helpful in the least--thankfully non-expired Benadryl (all we'd had in the First Aid kit was expired--note to self!) saved the day. I knew I needed to go grocery shopping but I was exhausted. I was excited when I looked up the weekly Aldi ad and saw great prices on produce though! So, I finally got my rear end off the couch with our toddler and headed for the store. I didn't get a picture, but here's what I bought at Aldi. I made a small trip to Kroger as well, but only picked up a few items.

It's hard to estimate savings on a trip like this, but .69 mangoes are about as good as it gets--they can run anywhere from $1.00-$1.50 at Publix/Kroger/farmers markets. Also, great price on blueberries and cherries as well--hopefully they are yummy!

Cherries @ $1.99
(2) Blueberry Pints @ $1.19 each, so $2.38 total
Strawberries @ .99
(2) Mangoes @ .69 each, so $1.38 total
Organic Grape Tomatoes @ $2.29
(2) Cans Black Beans @ .59 each, so $1.18 total
(2) Cans Kidney Beans @ .59 each, so $1.18 total
6-pack Bagels @ $1.69
Happy Farms (Aldi brand) Mozzarella String Cheese @ $2.79
(6) Bananas @ .44/lb, so .66 total
Peanut Butter Cheese Crackers @ .89
(3) Spices @ .99 each, so $2.97 total
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