Thursday, June 19, 2014

Oh Baby!

Ya'll might have noticed it's been a little quiet around the blog here lately....I promise I have good reason! I am just beginning to recover from the first trimester exhaustion that comes along with pregnancy because we are expecting baby #2 in late December 2014 or possibly early January 2015, if this baby follows in the (late) footsteps of big brother!

Working full-time, supporting a husband in school and taking care of a two year takes its toll on a mama....thus the lack of posting. I plan to get back to it, as going to the grocery store doesn't feel like (as) huge a feat as it has the past few months. Or you know, just getting up in the morning. My husband has been awesome and has taken over alot of the cooking when he can, cleaning, and just taking care of our toddler in general.

I will be honest that my couponing has become much less frequent than it used to be--that happens when you can't stop by the store multiple times per week, and don't get the Sunday paper anymore. But, I remind myself often that we are still on a tight budget, which means time needs to be carved out to print coupons, make a list and stick to it--so I try to go to the store alone, otherwise other items tend to make their way into the cart--anybody else have this happen?!? Also, how ironic is it that I now get Target coupons in the mail all the times but don't live near a Publix that accepts Target coupons anymore??? Jeez louise. Such is life, I guess!

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