Friday, May 16, 2014

Publix 5.15: 76% Savings

Ya'll know me--I love sweets. Specifically, I'm a big fan of ice cream. So when I saw the sale on Breyer's,  a $3/3 digital manufacture's coupon, AND $1/1 store coupons? I was in heaven. I knew it was stock up time--not to mention we'd been out for a while, which is a no-no in our house (ask my husband!)

But alas, I got to the store yesterday (which is much better than my usual Saturday morning run these days) and got up to the register with all my coupons. My cashier scanned them all and then mentioned the store coupons had expired the day before--ouch! How had I not caught that? Well, I had a squirmy 2 year old with me for one....

But lo and behold, that sweet cashier double-checked with her superior and they said go ahead and use them since they were just a day expired. I have never had that happen--it made my trip a MILLION times better I tell you. And that sweet girl--thank goodness her name is on the receipt, because I will put in a compliment for her. I've learned those go a long way.

Anyway, back to savings--this was a fairly awesome trip thanks to the Yoplait coupon when one buys Cascadian Farms cereal. I buy it anyway, so the yogurt was just a nice bonus. :) Also, free biscuits make me happy!

Total Retail: $62.32
Total OOP: 14.69
Savings: 76%

(3) Cascadian Farms Organic Cereal @ $2.50 each, so $7.50 total (reg. $3.99 each)
     -$1/2 peelie found on box
     -.75/1 found HERE
Final Price: $5.75 or $1.92 each

(3) Yoplait 8-pack @ $3.99 each, so $11.97 total
      -Free Yoplait 8-pack WYB CF cereal found in Publix advantage flyer
Final Price: FREE!

(2) Wish-Bone Dressing @ 2/$2.65 (BOGO)
      -.40/2, doubled, found in SS 5/11
     -$1 deposited into Ibotta account
Final Price: .85 for both or .43 each

(4) Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls @ 10/$10, so $4 total
     -(2) .50/2, doubled, no longer available
Final Price: $2 or .50 each

(2) Grands Biscuits @ 10/$10, so $2 total
     -(2) .50/1, doubled, no longer available
Final Price: FREE!

(3) Breyers Ice Cream @ 2/$4.93, so $7.40 total (BOGO)
     -$3/3 Breyers or Klondike bars Publix digital coupon found HERE (but is NOT a store q!)
     -(3) $1/1 Breyers ice cream found in Best Meals Happen at Home email (expired)
Final Price: 1.40 for all 3 or .47 each!

(2) Prego @ 2/$3.49 (BOGO)
      -.40/2, found in SS 3/23
Final Price: $2.69 or $1.35 each
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