Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nuby Review: Bath Letters & Numbers

As I mentioned before, I am a Nuby mommy blogger, and have received a handful of items to review. First, was the clik-it insulated sippy cup, next up was the tear free rinse pail.. Today will be the bath letters and numbers, which come in 36-count and will run you $6.99.

Just like with the pail, my husband is not thrilled with putting much of anything in the bathtub that is not wooden, but I was excited to see how Sam would react to items that stuck to the bathtub wall, since that's a whole new world to him.  He was actually more interested in throwing them all from the package into the bathtub and then trying to fit them all back into the package after bath time was over. Which, let me tell you--is not going to happen! After throwing a tantrum about not being allowed to put a bunch of wet letters and numbers back into the plastic package, Sam finally decided to move on to something else (whew!).

As hard as I tried to spell out anything, or bring Sam's attention to counting numbers or spelling words, he had more fun putting them on the bathtub wall and then swiping his arm over them to make them all fall back into the water, just like he does with lego towers, etc. He is such a 2 yr old little boy! 
Another reason my husband is not a big fan is one of the first things Sam did with them when he got upset was start chewing on them, and while I think Nuby makes some great products, I have no clue what went into making those foam letters, much less do I want it in my toddler's system. But, as you can see, Sam was quite happy to have the colorful shapes as part of bath time!
You can find the bath letters & numbers at Meijer or at

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Disclosure: I am a NUBY Mommy Blogger and I was provided the item for review without compensation.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own.
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