Monday, March 3, 2014

New Coupons=Free Biscuits & Cheap Ice Cream!

A new month means lots of new coupons--and there are some good ones today!

While we are usually fans of making homemade biscuits on the weekend in the cast iron, sometimes we just don't have the time...and when that happens, it's nice to have some Pillsbury biscuits on hand! Needless to say, I was excited to see this .50/1 Pillsbury Grands coupon pop up! They regularly go on sale 10/$10, so when this coupon is doubled, they're free!

Ya'll also know I'm a little obsessed with sweets...I could eat ice cream every night if I let myself. But....I try to limit that...sometimes. :) But have ya'll had the Magnum bars? Holy.Moly.So.Delicious. And, here's $1.25/1 Magnum package for you. :) There is also a Publix $1/1 3-pack Magnum bars in the Grocery Advantage Flyer, good through March 21st!

$0.75 off one Cascadian Farm product
 As well, we never have enough cereal, so I love seeing the .75/1 Cascadian Farms renewed most months!

Print 2 of each now before they disappear....because I can guarantee you they will within a day!
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