Friday, November 8, 2013

Life Update

Well...all my time just disappeared! Rather, alot of it is being spent in the car. I feel like my life has become a routine of an hour and a half in the car, working all day, hour and a half in the car, race to get dinner in my toddler, and put him to bed. Oh, then clean up (How do things get messy when you're not even home??? Someone please explain this phenomenon to me!), and put myself to bed. I barely get to see my son at night and not at all in the mornings. :( But, I can't complain. I was offered a job at the University of Georgia, where my husband is working on his PhD, and we are in the (slow) process of trying to pack up and move, while renting our house (something we've never done before!) I know things will get better, but this week has been rough. I do really like my job and co-workers though, and I know once we get settled in Athens, life will settle down. One big hurdle right now is finding daycare....they all seem to be full! What's a girl to do?

Anyway, that's why there has been no blogging. No grocery shopping. Not much cooking. Lots of driving. Lots and lots of driving. So excuse my absence for a while...I'll be back...eventually!
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