Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Shopping: Canvas Prints for 81% off!

Ya'll, this is such a good deal! I see alot of these canvas deals, get excited, and then go read reviews of the company. My shoulders promptly shrug, and I pass up the deal. But, after reading some of the reviews of this company, and seeing the fabulous customer service they have, I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a go. The price is perfect, and now the hard part will be picking pictures!

First, click through Ebates, so you can get credited 4% cashback.  Then, if you go through Living Social and buy a voucher, you can use the discount code BLACKFRIDAY to save 25%. For example, buy 2 16x20 prints @ $25 each, so $50 total (These normally run about $129 full retail). Use the code and the price is knocked down to $37.50. After a 4% deposit into your Ebates account, you'll be down to $36 or $18 per print. You will then go over to Fabness.com and redeem your voucher. Sounds a bit complicated, but it's really not at all, and the savings are definitely worth a few extra clicks. I had no issues with any site, and am excited to see how the prints turn out!
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