Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Publix: 69% Savings

I love getting free fruit! Granted, I did have to buy the juice, but I love a glass of juice in the mornings, so it was worth it for me. I used a rain check from a few weeks ago for the Pillsbury items, and my poor cashier was new and had never done a rain check before...I felt terrible! But, the self checkout cashier was awesome and took care of it really quickly. I also liked the Buy Theirs, Get Ours campaign.....we have gotten to where we usually make pancakes, waffles, and biscuits from scratch since Bisquick isn't the healthiest of options, but it is nice to have on hand on some occasions, and this gives us a good chance to try the Publix brand as well. Also, we go through jelly and syrup like crazy...in fact, we had waffles, eggs and ham for dinner tonight! We love brinner around here.

Dang...I just realized I forgot I could use my uPromise card and earn some cashback! :(
Total before coupons & store sales: $67.93
Total OOP: $25.50
Savings: 69%

Greenwise Organic Milk @ $5.99
    -.75 deposited into Ibotta account
Final Price: $5.26

Publix Gallon OJ @ $2.99 (reg. $3.99)

(2) Tropicana @ 2/$6 reg. ($3.99 each)
    -$1.50/2 found in 9/15 RP
Final Price: $4.50 or $2.25 each

Aunt Jemima Syrup @ $3.39
Publix Syrup @ $2.59, but free with the buy theirs, get ours promotion

Bisquick @ $3.19
   -.50/1, doubled, found HERE
Final Price: $2.19
Publix Baking Mix @ $2.79, but free with buy theirs, gets ours promotion

Smucker's Natural Strawberry Jam @ $3.49
Publix Organic Strawberry Jam @ $2.99, but free with buy theirs, get ours promotion

(2) Barilla Veggies Pasta @ 2/$1.23 (BOGO)
     -.55/2 found in Publix Advantage Flyer
     -$1/2 Barilla pasta found HERE
Final Price: FREE + .32 overage!

Publix Honey Wheat Bread @ $1.89

1.36 lbs Red Grapes @ $1.99/lb
     -$3 off produce WYB Tropicana Farmstand found in Publix Advantage Flyer
Final Price: FREE+.29 overage!

Watermelon @ $3.28 (BOGO)
      -$3 off produce WYB Tropicana Farmstandfound in Publix Advantage Flyer
Final Price: .28

(6) Pillsbury @ 10/$10 (used a rain check, saved $6.53 off all 6)
     -(2) $2/3 Pillsbury dough products found HERE
     -$1/3 Grands Biscuits found HERE
     -.50/2, doubled, Crescent Rolls found HERE
     -$1/2 Grands Sweet Rolls found HERE
Final Price: FREE+.50 overage!
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