Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cottonelle Clean Crew Review

Do ya'll remember a few of months ago, I mentioned a website called Crowdtap? Basically, it's a way for you to have a voice in many different product lines, and get rewarded for giving your opinion!  It's so easy, and I've really enjoyed participating. Possible activities include participating in moderated discussions about products, answering questions about logos, sampling products for lots of big companies, and more.  As if that isn't enough, I also get to earn gift cards for Amazon in the favorite!

Recently, I had the opportunity to "sample" Cottonelle's Clean Care Routine.  I got sent a full size container of washable cleansing cloths, and 2 travel packs to share.

Being a mom, when I see these flushable wipes all I can think of is baby wipes. So basically you're giving me a baby wipe for an adult?!? Does anybody else find that a little odd? This may be a bit TMI, but the best time these came in handy? THAT time of the month. You know what I'm talking about ladies (and I'm sure guys too). Otherwise, I don't see a huge need for a wet wipe every time I go to the bathroom, but it's nice to have the option. They're also good for wiping down the seat in a pinch. :)

I will say the container is not flashy, so it blends into the bathroom pretty well. It was easy to insert the wipes into the container, as such.
In order to pull the next one out, sometimes I have to do a little I think that could be improved on a little bit, but I'm so used to re-loading baby wipes that it wasn't a big deal to me.
I regularly buy Cottonelle toilet paper by using a coupon and waiting until it goes on sale. I doubt I'll be buying the wipes as they are a little pricey, but I appreciated the opportunity to try them out!
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