Friday, October 18, 2013

Costco Flu Shots: $14.99

Now, I know many of you probably aren't Costco members, and until this past summer, we weren't either. But now that I've got two boys that eat me out of house and home (oh, you didn't know a 17 month old could do that?!?!?), I've had to increase the volume I buy, and decided a Costco membership was worth it. One awesome perk I didn't know about until this week was that they give flu shots for $14.99. This is the cheapest price I've seen anywhere!

Not to mention, it was painless! I hate shots...but I know this one is necessity to keep my whole family healthy, so I get one every year and (knock on wood), have never had the flu. Starting in October is the best month to get the vaccination, according to the CDC, before the dreaded flu peaks in January.

So if you're a member

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