Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dinner Menu

Y'all, it's been a productive day! I've made a menu for this week (and it's only Sturday night!), had a really good shopping trip to Publix this morning between the monsoons, (that I will hopefully get posted later), made a list of a few ingredients I need to pick up at Trader Joes tomorrow for this weeks's meals, baked a double batch of chocolate and pumpkin muffins for new neighbors, bought a birthday gift for a 2 year old, and with the help of my husband, cleaned up the kitchen. I know that doesn't sound like much, but for me it's alot! I even watched most of the UGA game in between. :) Here's what we had this week:

Rigatoni w/ marinara and meatballs


Enchiladas w/ Mexican rice



Baked sweet potatoes, green beans, and baked chicken


Paella that my awesome mother in law brought over!


Out to dinner with college friends

My brother in law made HUGE burgers for lunch along tater tots....which my child loves. Who can blame him? So, we've just sort of snacked tonight because we're still full!
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