Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ergo 50% on Zulily!

Ya'll, this is seriously my favorite carrier.  I started out with a Moby, and while that worked great for about a month when my baby was just a wee little one, it was hot during the heat of the summer and sort of a hassle to put on.  So I begin doing some research on other carriers, and decided to go with an Ergo.  And holy cow, while I didn't get it half off, I have used that thing a ton and so glad I bought it!  It doesn't make my back hurt, and I still put Sam in it from time to time, and will be able until he gains another 15 pounds, to hit the 35 pound mark. It helps support him from his knees, not his crotch, like many baby carriers, and you can even breastfeed in it, if you're that good. :)
Anyway, they're 50% off on Zulily today (and they have multiple prints and colors but some are already sold out), you will not find a better price! Hurry though, because they're selling out fast!

I wish I had a picture of us using the Ergo, but of course I don't!
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