Thursday, July 18, 2013

CVS: 60% (on diapers!)

I wasn't planning on buying diapers, but when my receipt spit out $5 ECB's after picking up a prescription, and I saw the sale on CVS brand diapers, I figured I better not let the ECB's expire, and keep my stockpile full, since it was beginning to dwindle.  Mind you, I can't remember the last time I bought's been a while! Most of that is thanks to cloth diapering, and only using disposables at night and random travel times. I did a little research to make sure the diapers were worth buying, and while it seems to vary, depending on how your child is shaped, the general consensus was that they worked just as well as Up&U, Walgreens, and other generic brands. If they don't work for some reason, I will donate them. There is always plenty of need for diapers to be donated.

Please note this is why I don't blog as much as I's hard to get anything accomplished with this little stinker around!
I did this in 4 transactions, so I could roll my ECB's.  Instead of paying the full $9.29 per package, I paid $2.11 for one package, and $4.41 for the remaining 2 packings, for a savings of 60% without any coupons.

Total before store sale & ECB's: $38.84 (or .31 per diaper)
Total OOP: $15.64 (or. 12 per diaper)
Savings: 60%
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