Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Publix 6/2: 50% Savings

I did not have a huge savings this trip, because 1) organic milk always brings down my savings average (especially now that I have to buy two!) and 2) I went a little off list when I saw there was a Buy Theirs, Get Ours promotion.

We have a fire pit in our community and we haven't had any marshmallows to roast-so when I saw I could get 2 for the price of 1, I had to go for it. :)

Please excuse all the mess in the background....we got home from the beach and realized we'd left the freezer open just a smidge....which meant we had to throw out everything.  For this couponer who stockpiles grassfed meat, popsicles, ice cream, rolls, frozen veggies, and more....it hurt...alot! So we are still in the process of cleaning the kitchen as a result of the mess that happened while we were gone.

Total before coupons and store savings: $70.13
Total OOP: $35.31
Savings: 50%

Greenwise Organic Gallon Milk @ $5.19
      -no coupon

Organic Valley Milk Half Gallon @ $3.50 (reg. $4.39)
      -$1/1 Organic Valley Milk, any, printed at Kroger checkout but was a manufacturer q
Final Price: $2.50

Multi-Grain Peanut Butter Cheerios @ $1.99 (reg. $3.99)
     -.75/1 Multi-Grain Cheerios found HERE
Final Price: $1.24

Cheerios @ $1.99 (reg. $2.89)
      -.50/1, doubled, found HERE
Final Price: .99

Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice @ $2.80 (BOGO)
      -no coupon

(2) Peter Pan Peanut Butter @ 2/$3.09 (BOGO)
      -no coupon

(2) Hefty OneZip Bags @ 2/$3 (reg. $2.39 each)
      -$1/2 Hefty OneZip or Slider bags found HERE
      -$1/2 Hefty bags found HERE (Target q)
Final Price: $1 or .50 per box

Raspberries @ $1.99 (reg. $4.99)
      -no coupon

Celebration Blend Potatoes @ $2 (BOGO)
      -no coupon

Natures Own Bread @ $1.58 (BOGO)
      -no coupon

(2) Cortizone 10 @ $3.99 each, so $7.98 total
      -(2) $1/1 Cortizone 10 found HERE
      -$3/2 Cortizone found HERE (Target q)
Final Price: $2.98 or $1.49 each

Tropicana Orange Juice @ $3 (reg. $3.99)
    -no coupon

Welch's Grape Jelly @ $2.59
     -no coupon

Publix Grape Jelly @ $2.09
    -Part of the Buy Theirs, Get Ours promotion
Final Price: FREE!

Kraft Marshmallows @ $2.49
    -no coupon

Publix Marshmallows @ $1.99
    -Part of the Buy Theirs, Get Ours promotion
Final Price: FREE!
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