Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Year 1 with Baby: The Essentials

Everybody has an opinion on how to raise a baby, and what items you might need.  I found it helpful to hear from others what they used alot, or never used at all.  I didn't even register for a wipe warmer because my science teaching husband takes issue with warming up chemicals that are about to touch a baby's sensitive skin-and I have to say I agree.  I know many others will disagree, but that was one of those items we decided was not necessary in the least.  If our baby couldn't handle a cool wipe, well, that poor kid is going to face some serious disappointments in the future! And as it turned out, he loved the feel of a cool wipe most of the time!

So, now that my baby is about to has turned one (how did that even happen?!?!), I thought I'd do a post on items we found most useful. Please keep in mind this list will differ from family to family, and baby to baby-but these are the products we loved!

We used this the first 4 months of Sam's life. He would get swaddled in the blankets seen above (more like made into a burrito) and then we'd put this on. It did look a little funny because there were no arms poking out, but we felt safe knowing our newborn felt cozy and was kept warm simultaneously. When he grew out of it, it was a sad day-but it worked great when we needed it!

We didn't start using this until Sam was 6 months old and started solids, but since then it has been awesome.  It doesn't take up much room at all, and is so easy to wipe clean! The other thing I loved about it-it was only $22 via Amazon, and I used credits to buy it, so technically it was free!

These blankets were sent to us by a family member with much craftier sewing skills than myself (of which I have none!) We found them to be the perfect swaddle blanket, and mind you we had probably 20 other blankets we could've used.  These were perfect size and had just enough stretch in them, and of course made with lots of love! Sherry does great work, so if you'd like a homemade baby blanket, look no further than her Etsy shop. (And just because she's family, she had no bearing on my decision to feature her work-we just ended up loving her blankets!)

I know many people buy rocking chairs and gliders and then never use them.  I knew if I was going to use one, I wanted to get a good one, and as a Christmas present, my parents bought the model above. It was pricey....but I cannot imagine the last year without it.  It has truly been a lifesaver on multiple occasions and is so comfy. While it seems to have shrunk as my baby has grown, we still use it every day, multiple times a day to read, nurse and just play around. Definitely worth the money, and you know I'm not one to spend a lot on a fancy item!

These are all BumGenius diapers, and while that is what makes up most of my stash, I also use AppleCheeks, Charlie Banana's, Flips and a few homemade ones.  I know cloth diapers are not for everyone, but they have saved us so much money.  We use disposables at night and on occasion due to bad eczema, or other sensitive skin issues, but 90% of the time, my son is in cloth. I am a huge cloth diaper advocate, so please don't hesitate to ask me about them!

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