Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Publix 5/21: 73% Savings

I knew I would encounter a glitch in this transaction-and I didn't fail myself! But, it wasn't my fault-well, I take that back. One issue was my fault but the other wasn't. I should've printed more Whole Foods coupons for the cereal, but I didn't and they replaced the coupons on the website, so I missed out on $2 saved on the cereal. The other problem was that the store I was at didn't carry Charmin Basic, so I got the regular one, but that was only 6 double rolls instead of 12 like the Basic, so I couldn't use the Publix digital coupon I'd loaded. I also just realized I couldve earned a $1 in my Upromise account for buying the Charmin but I forgot to give them my card to scan. :( Overall, I will have paid $12 (after I receive the $10 rebate) for (4) boxes of organic cereal, (3) rolls of paper towels, (12)  rolls of toilet paper and (3) tubes of toothpaste, which is not bad! But, it could've been a teensy bit better too. Oh well, such is life!

Update: Just realized I can print (2) of these $1/1 Cascadian Farms coupons from their Facebook (thought I'd certainly hit the print limit at some point already so didn't eve try--oops!), AND (2) .75/1 CF product HERE, so I will take those in and get reimbursed! 

Update 2: I should've read the fine print on the rebate-the only Charmin included is the basic. I thought since it didn't specify on the Running Out, Run In coupon page it wouldn't matter, and went ahead with the transaction.  Ugh, there goes my whole savings strategy...
Total before sales & coupons: $45.00
Total OOP: $22.36
Total after rebate: $12.36
Savings: 73%

(4) Cascadian Farms Organic Cereal @ 2/$5, so $10 total (reg. $3.99 each)
     -no coupons  -(2) $1/1 Cascadian Farms product found HERE
                           -(2) .75/1 found HERE
Final Price: $6.50 for 4 boxes, or $1.63 each

(3) Bounty Paper Towel @ 3/$4 (reg. $2.15 each)
     -(2) .25/1, doubled, found in 5/13 PG
     -$1/2 Running Out, Run In coupon page found in store
     -.25/1 Publix digital coupon (note these do not double)
Final Price: $1.75 for all 3 or .58 per roll

(3) Crest @ $2 each, so $6 total (reg. $2.53 each)
      -(2) .50/1, doubled, found HERE
      -$1/1 Publix digital coupon
Final Price: $3 for 3 or $1 each

(2) Charmin 6-Double Rolls @ $4.99 each, so $9.98 total
      -.25/1 found in 5/13 PG
      -$1/2 found in Running Out, Run In page in store
Final Price: $8.73 for 12 double (or 12 single) rolls, or .72 per roll (.36 per single roll)

Green Giant Seasoned Steamers @ $1.30 (BOGO)
      -$1/1 Best Meals Happen at Home coupon emailed
Final Price: .30

Publix Cream Cheese @ .99
     -no coupon
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