Sunday, May 19, 2013

Monthly Baby Pictures

Each month our baby turned a little older, we took a picture of him with a clock set to the birthday month he was "turning." For example, when he was a month old, we put the clock at 1 and took a bazillion pictures. Well, in the process, the clock got shaken, and trying to get a 1 month old to cooperate became challenging, so the clock got jiggled, and shows 1:05.  Oops. You do what you can! You will notice that happened at the 5 month mark as well....By the time the 12th month rolled around, we could barely keep him in one place long enough to take a picture!

Anyway, we thought this was a cute way to capture our little one each month, and show how much he was growing from one month to the next.  I can't believe he just turned 1! Time really does fly...

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