Friday, April 19, 2013

Publix 4/19: 56% Savings

I really really really didn't want to pay almost $7 for the cheese tortellini...but I'd planned to make this recipe tonight, and didn't want to make a trip to Trader Joe's, just for that, where it is cheaper.  The good news is this is basically a double batch, so I can freeze half of it and have it on hand for next time.  But darn, it really messed up my savings!

***As soon as I hit post, I find out there was a frozen brand of tortellini on BOGO this week! {face palm}***

I was very appreciative of the fact that my Publix accepts Target coupons though, because competitor coupons made up the bulk of my coupon pile this trip!

I don't normally buy chips very often, but with someone's birthday coming up, we're having people over, and everyone loves to snack on chips, right? Figured I might as well buy them with they were BOGO!
Total before coupons & store savings: $63.16
Total OOP: $27.65
Savings: 56%

(4) Cascadian Farms Organic Cereal @ 2/$5, so $10 total (reg. $3.99 each)
     -(2) $1/2 Cascadian Farms products found HERE (Whole Foods q)
Final Price: $8 for all 4 or $2 each

(2) Quaker Squares Cereal @ 2/$4.89 (BOGO)
(3) Quaker Old-Fashioned Oats @ 2/$2.85, so $4.28 total
     -(2) .75/1 Quaker Squares Cereal found HERE (Target q)
    -$1/2 Quaker products found HERE (Target q)    
    -$3/5 Quaker products found HERE
Final Price:  $3.67 for all 5 Quaker products

Skinny Cow Choclate Fuscicles: $2.50 (BOGO)
     -$1/1 4-pack found HERE (Target q)
Final Price:$1.50

Buitoni Cheese Tortellini @ $6.89 (ouch!)
     -no coupon

(2) Ruffles Chips @ 2/$4.29 (BOGO)
     -no coupon

Publix Unsweetened Applesauce @ $2.59
     -no coupon

(2) Chobani Greek Yogurt @ 10/$10, so $2
     -(2) .30/1, doubled, mailed by company
Final Price: .80 for both, or .40 each

(2) Knorr Side Dishes @ 2/$1.29 (BOGO)
    -.50/2 Knorr products found HERE (Target q)
    -.50/2 Knorr sides, doubled, found in RP 3/24
Final Price: FREE + .21 overage
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