Thursday, March 7, 2013

The First Year: A Friend's Perspective

So I am not quite to the year mark where my baby is turning one...but we are coming up on it fast!  He's only got 2 months, which blows my mind.  While having a baby has some pretty awesome perks (hearing them laugh for the first time is incredible!), it is the hardest thing I've ever done.  They don't send you home from the hospital with a manuel! 

One of my closest friends who just started blogging again, has a little girl that recently turned one. While we keep in close touch, I still enjoy reading her blog.  Her latest post chronicles her feelings in this first year of her baby's life, and she talks about how hard being a mom is. 

It's not something many moms talk about for fear of being judged-and I totally understand the feeling.  I think Amber covered it well though, so I'll let you click over and read her blog, Hockey Puck, Rattlesnake, Monkey Monkey Underpants.  Leave her a comment, I know she'd love it. :)
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