Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Firmoo Review

Many people don't know that I wear glasses, because most of the time, I'm wearing contacts.  But some days I'm just too darn lazy to put them in.  Like the other day when I had a fussy child and just wearing glasses was easier for the time being (except when he kept grabbing them and almost breaking them!)  My grandmother in law was shocked when she saw me because she had no idea I wear glasses....I've known this woman for 6+ years!  But like I said, the glasses usually only get worn around the house at night, so the pair I have, have been around for some time now.  While they're still in great shape, I do worry about losing them constantly.  Enter Firmoo.  They offered me the opportunity to review a pair of their glasses and I never turn down something that's free!

Firmoo is an online glasses retailer that sells prescription glasses and sunglasses for much cheaper than you'd find retail. (average price is around $30-$40, starting price is $8 for some). What's neat is you can upload a picture of yourself to virtually try on the glasses before ordering...which would have been good to know when I was picking my glasses.  Oh well....hindsight is 20/20. :)
I kept reading about how other people's glasses were shipped very quickly-while I didn't exactly have the same experience, I have received other products even slower, so I guess I can't complain too much. I put in my order on March 6, the email that the glasses were being made came on the 10th (and I could make no changes to the prescription), and I was told they were shipped on the 14th. It took exactly a week and I received them on the 21st. They arrived with a little repair kit, (it's in the soft case), cleaning cloth and a solid case.
While I think they actually turned out better than I was expecting, I was disappointed when I went to order because I was hoping to get a rimless pair.  Apparently as a reviewer those were not available to me, and I had limited options-but they were free, and the prescription seems to be just as I put in in, so I can't complain! The frames are a good bit heaver than my old trusty frames, but I think it's just something I need to get used to.
Please excuse my terrible selfie!
 I am fully aware these were made overseas, which does bother me a little. While I love a low price, I don't want someone else (i.e. a little child) sacrificing their childhood and being used as child labor for my benefit. But, Firmoo attributes their low prices to cutting out the middle man. I sure hope they're right.
Of course, it's not quite the same as getting your glasses at the eye doctor. I never order clothes online because I want to see how something looks on me before I purchase it. But, for the price, these are hard to beat.
If you're interested in trying a pair from Firmoo, now is the time! They have a first pair free program,you just pay shipping. Make sure you have a prescription ready to go, because when ordering, Firmoo will want to know some detailed info so that your glasses fit correctly!
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