Thursday, January 31, 2013

Turbo Tax Free Edition

While I usually piggyback off of my dad when he buys TurboTax, I like to know there is a free version out there as well, that I could use if I really needed to. It is the easiest way to file your taxes, and this is coming from a former tax accountant.  Don't pay hundreds of dollars if you just have a couple of W-2's and/or interest income, mortgage interest, charitable deductions, etc.  TurboTax walks you through every step and doesn't miss a beat.

Another plus?  Should you need help, you can live chat with someone immediately.  It's a great program and super frugal way to get your taxes done! They'll also file your federal return for free, and you can either mail in your state return for a few dollars or pay $27.99 to have TurboTax e-file it for you.  I myself think it's worth it to make a trip to the post office to save $20, but I say do whatever is easiest for you!
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