Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kroger 1/22: 44% Savings

I hate when I make mistakes on big purchases....and I can't really blame Kroger.  Well, I can because the cashier wanted to get me through so fast that she just rang up another item that I didn't want another one of, instead of letting me switch out for a different size box.  But, grabbing the box that wasn't included in the sale was my fault.  I had a coupon for 2 Hefty boxes, which were also included in the mega sale.  While I was able to return the bigger box that cost almost $5 retail (nooooo thank you!), I did get to pay for an extra salsa and didn't get to use my coupon on the Hefty bags...but I guess worse things have happened. That's what happens when you have a wiggly 8 month old on your hip and your attention gets turned elsewhere!

I also bought a few boxes of cereal, in case you missed that part of the picture.  We are OUT, and this is the best price to be found on organic cereal.  Only one box had a peelie on it, but I won't complain.  It's been a while since I've been able to buy a box for $2.49 (pre-coupon)! So obviously I stocked up! Hopefully my husband won't go through it too fast!
Total before sales & coupons: $74.97
Total OOP: $41.78
Savings: 44%

*(11) Cascadian Farms Organic Cereal @ $2.49 each, so $27.39 total (reg. $3.59 each)
     -$1/2 peelie found on box
Final Price: $26.39 for 11 boxes, or $2.39 each

*(3) Pace Picante Sauce @$1.49, so $4.47 total (reg. $2.07 each)
      -.50/2, doubled, printable found HERE
Final Price: $3.47 for 3 jars, or $1.15 each

*(2) Rotel @ .49 each, so .98 total
      -.40/2, doubled, found in SS 1/20
Final Price: .18 for both, or .09 each

*Chi Chi's Salsa @ $1.49 (re. $2.99)
      -.50/1 Chi Chi's Salsa found in SS 1/6
Final Price: .49

*Chi Chi's Tortillas @ $1.49 (reg. $2.39)
      -.50/1 Chi Chi's tortilla's found in SS 1/6
Final Price: .49

*Hefty Slider Bags @ .99 (reg. $2.99)
     -I had a coupon for this, but it didn't get scanned...so I ended up a box short and a dollar shorter than I'd planned...oh well...
* Good N Natural Bar @ .89
      -FREE bar found in RP 1/6
Final Price: FREE!

(2) Liberte Yogurt @ 10/$10, so $2 total
      -(2) .30/1, doubled, found HERE
Final Price: .80 for both or .40 each

Colgate Toothpaste @ 10/$10, so $1
     -.50/1 found in SS 1/20
Final Price: FREE!

Kroger Gallon OJ @ $2.99 (reg.
     -no coupon

(2) White Mushroom @ .89 each, so $1.78 for both (on manager's special @ 50% off)
      -no coupon

Celery Snack Pack @ .99 (on manager's special, not sure what the discount was)
     -no coupon

Sweet Onion @ .52
     -no coupon

Tomato @ $1.91
    -no coupon
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