Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dinner Menu

This was my menu last week, but I so rarely do anything from an actual computer anymore that I always forget to post! We are trying to eat less meat around here, so I've been searching recipes on Pinterest like a mad crazy woman.  Some have turned out really well, like the black bean & quinoa burger. Another great thing about them is their frugality-they cost maybe .50 per burger-if that!
Sunday-Leftovers from the weekend; a calzone for me and beef stew for my husband
Monday-Cauliflower soup, soda bread & salad

Tuesday-Crockpot drumsticks, microwave risotto & roasted green beans
Wednesday-Spicy black bean & quinoa burgers
Thursday-Caramel apple pork chips, roasted butternut squash and peas
Friday-Dinner with my in laws-Mexican!
Saturday-Homemade pizza with the leftover chicken from Tuesday and veggies
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