Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby Bullet Review

I didn't register for a Baby Bullet because I already have a mini food processor and just planned on using that to make all the baby food necessary.  But, I was given a baby bullet sometime after my son was born, and have been asked whether it was better than the food processor and/or worth the money.  So, here's my review thus far:

Here are all the parts that come in the box. I've labeled them 1-12 so I can easily refer back to various parts.

To start off, I will say I could've lived without the baby bullet.  While I do appreciate certain aspects of it, as a whole, it has not blown me away, or made purees any smoother than the mini food processor. The bullet comes with these parts:

1) Small spatula
2) Batchbowl for larger batches
3) A shortcup for smaller batches (mine only came with 1, not 2 as in the picture)
4) Power Base
5) Pocket Nutritionist
6) Milling blade for rice/grains/oatmeal
7) Regular blade for fruits/veggies/protein
8) User Manuel & Cookbook
9) Two lids
10) Silicone Freezer Tray
11) Six small containers with date dials and lids
12) Storage Tray

Items I've found absolutely useless: spatula, (I already had plenty of others), batchbowl & storage tray. Why the batchbowl you ask?  Isn't it for bigger batches? Well yes, except it doesn't puree bigger batches well.  I do better to just do multiple small batches in the shorter cup. And also the storage tray? What in the world is that for? So you can display your colorful purees for yourself in the fridge? Umm, sorry, no. I puree, freeze in the silicone tray or ice tray and then transfer to plastic baggies to make more room in my freezer.

I have read many reviews about the motor blowing out and pieces becoming warped in the dishwasher. I haven't dealt with these issues yet, but I do have to do alot of blending to get rid of big chunks. My biggest complaint is trying to clean the blades.  I have soaked and soaked them, and still cannot get out dried on pieces of food around the edge of the plastic.  It drives me crazy knowing I can't get them completely clean.

The saving grace for this set is the containers.  I don't use the dates on the caps because I tend to just pull a cube out of the freezer and put it in a little glass bowl to thaw....you may remember we're not big on plastic around here.  They do come in handy when I need to travel with food though; tiny and compact, the containers are easy to throw in the diaper bag. I also like the silicone tray because it makes about double the size of an ice cube tray, but there again, I could just use 2 ice cubes.

So to recap, the baby bullet is nice-but not necessary by any means.  I would not go spend the money on it, but rather invest in a good mini food processor, or even an immersion blender.  Making baby food is so easy and healthy, not to mention cheaper than buying store bought.  I do keep some on hand occasionally, but I feel like such a top notch mom (which doesn't happen often!) when I get out the food I prepared.  Anybody else have thoughts on the baby bullet?
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