Friday, December 21, 2012

Gift Wrapping: Ammons Style

While I get a huge thrill out of buying colorful wrapping paper for .20 a roll a week after Christmas, I married someone whose idea of wrapping is using plain, brown recyclable paper, without lots of chemical containing ink on it.  Oh, and then using yarn as ribbon...or hemp.  But, as most of his ideas do over the long-term...the look has begun to grow on me.  I still love colorful wrapping paper....but there is just something so simple and attractive about the "less is more" look.  Here are a few gifts my husband actually got wrapped before Christmas Eve this year!
The square box with the green and white yarn is pretty from the front....
 And also the back! This is beyond my wrapping abilities....
Here is an example of using the hemp as well as the yarn...I love how festive it all looks!  Oh, and another positive to using this paper?  Our little one can chew on it all he wants and it won't harm him....and he loves to put EVERYTHING in his mouth!
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