Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Money-Making Apps

I was just texting with a friend who is also a stay at home mom and avid couponer about apps that reward you for scanning items, checking in places, etc. and thought it might be a good time to share some of the apps I use to make a little extra money.  This does not get me rich....not even a second income.  But it does afford me $10 here on Amazon or $10 there at Old Navy....and every little bit adds up!

Checkpoints rewards you for checking into restaurants, grocery stores, etc, and scanning certain products.  You can also complete different offers or download specific games on your phone to earn coins and/or points.  Scanning items will give you different point values, and add an additional coin to your bank.  You can then cash in the coins and take a chance that you can win even more points....the more points you accumulate, the more rewards you can earn.  Possible rewards (they change every now and then):  Amazon gift card, Restaurant.com gift card, Best Buy gift card, Home Depot gift card, and Delta skymiles.  

If you download Checkpoints, I would love if you would use the referral code: jammons.  That way you start off with 300 points and I also earn a few additional points as well.  Win Win. :)

Shopkick is similar to Checkpoints in that it rewards you for scanning certain products. Its point values are a good deal higher in order to cash out though.  You can also link your credit card to your account to accumulate points faster.  (I haven't done this, so I can't speak to the effectiveness).  It is one of the top 5 shopping apps used in the US, according to their website. You should start out with 50 points, and it only takes 500 points to get a $2 Target gift card!

This app rewards you for checking into places and taking your picture to prove you were a certain location. Most places get you 10 points, which is the equivalent of $.10.  Your points directly equal cash, so no converting points into gift cards on this one!

Mobile Rewards
This app allows users to earn credits that are redeemable for cash by completing simple tasks such as watching YouTube videos, signing up for a free service (be careful with those), or mentioning a certain product on Facebook.  Essentially you are being paid to advertise for various companies. Either click on the name above or click HERE to create an account, it's super easy, and you just complete tasks in your few minutes of spare time.
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